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art is the continuous search for one's own being" ... these are the words of Mauro Andrenacci, a modern artist whose passion for art takes shape from a young age and in a completely spontaneous way, immediately distinguishing himself for his potential and artistic taste. His passion for art drives him to a strong inner research, to travel to acquire knowledge through the discovery of great artists, thus visiting museums, squares and places that will lead him to his personal vision and interpretation of modern acrylic painting. Games of Ombretta color machines give shape and meaning to the subjects who inhabit his canvases, a mixture of realism and abstract. The figures would seem to come out with all the energy and power they are imbued with, the colors are bright, brilliant, the shades between natural and unreal give life to personalized works. He exhibits works at events in various galleries obtaining recognition and approval, but nevertheless in constant evolution and in the constant search for new stimuli, experimenting with new styles and new techniques on his canvases. In him such is the pleasure for painting that leads him to estrange himself from time in search of ever larger and more ambitious ideas.


- gallery exhibition " Effetto Arte" city of Palermo

- gallery exhibition " Flyer Art " city of Rome

- gallery exhibition " Spazio espositivo Liberta' 6" city of           Piacenza

- video exhibition city of Paris award

- magazine publication " Art Now " number 2 March/April 2019

- video exhibition city of La Spezia, italy

- visual arts award magazine " Cultura Identita' " 4-6 July 2019

- gallery diploma of honor " La Chimera Metropolitan , CarloV    award

- biennial exhibition in Venice 5- 29 October 2019 the great    exhibition of " Palazzo Zenobio" presented and edited by the    historical professor and art critic " Giorgio Gregorio Grasso"


  October 2020

- Acquisition of artist coefficient, evaluation by Angelo Crespi

- Barcellona Art Contest exhibition, September 27 ,2021

  AAC gallery  ( Agrupacio' d' Aquarel listes de Catalunya)

- Dubai International Studio of Art & Galleries

  November 2021

- gallery exhibition : Urbanside gallery , Switzerland

  from 1st February - 4th March 2022

- AD Art Show, MvVO art , exhibition , New York, World Trade Center, March 2022

 - gallery exhibition : Von Zeidler art gallery, Berlin

    April 2022


 - award JustArt 7 Gallery , MAKEART GALLERY

   Roma , 09/07/2022

 - magazine publication : BIANCOSCURO n.53               August/September 2022     

 - acquisition of auction certificate , Auction n.14, July 15 2022

 - magazine publication : IconArt , PrinceGroup   

 - video exhibition MIAMI , Artbox.project October 7 2022  

 - Certificate of artistic merit, LUXEMBOURG ART PRICE , December 1 2022   

 - 1 Biennial  Exhibition Sanremo ,  September 14/17 2023 with Vittorio Sgarbi, Italian art critic          

personal certificates...


  Artist coefficient

Magazine publication :     ART LEADER    October 2020

Barcellona exhibition  September 2021

Barcellona Art Contest exhibition, September 27 ,2021    AAC gallery  ( Agrupacio' d' Aquarel listes de Catalunya)
Barcellona Art Contest exhibition, September 27 ,2021 AAC gallery ( Agrupacio' d' Aquarel listes de Catalunya)

Berlin exhibition

April 4 2022


New York , World Trade Center , Oculos , March 2022

virtual exhibition Miami

October 7 2022

Magazine publication


magazine, n.53 , August / September 2022

auction certificate

Magazine publication


Luxembourg Art Price


July 2022

1 Biennial exhibition - Sanremo , Ariston theater - September 14/17 2023

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